5 Time World Champion Turkey Caller - Preston Pittman
5 Time World Champion Turkey Caller - Preston Pittman
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Want to know Preston like we know Preston Pittman?

Well, you’ll want to listen close to what this seasoned veteran of the wild turkey industry has to offer. Preston’s new blog will be full of Turkey Tips, Video and Highlights from recent hunts, plus whatever ever else he decides to throw out there.

Turkey Talk: What do you do when the hen sees you?

The hunt isn't over yet. Don't give up on it.

Turkey Talk: how should you harvest a bird?

Hunting isn't just about calling. Do your research and figure out his habits.

Turkey Talk: Talking to the Boss Hen

Sometimes, like in real life, the female calls the shots.

Turkey Talk: Scouting IV

Surprise resource: rural postman, rural UPS drivers and barbers. But they can't be turkey hunters.

Turkey Talk: Scouting

Always be scouting and looking for signs if you're in the woods.

Turkey Talk: how to achieve a fighting purr for the beginner

It's all about that technique. Not the type of call. Watch how I do it.

Turkey Talk: Most Memorable Hunt

It wasn't the biggest bird I've ever harvested, but it was a unique hunt.

Turkey Talk: Favorite Call

It's not all about the money. I just like some more than others.

Turkey Talk: Sit still!

Sometimes it's not all that hard to figure out what you're doing wrong. Just relax!

Turkey Talk: When In Doubt Less Is More

If you have to ask "should I call or not?," the answer is always quit [...]

Turkey Talk: Our Diaphragm Secrets

Just kidding. I ain't telling

Turkey Talk: How do you read body language?

It's just like reading people!

Turkey Talk: When did I start turkey calling?

It's been a long road, but it's still growing.

Turkey Talk: Follow the Monarch

Turkeys learn the same way that humans do.... from their elders

Turkey Talk: Beginnings of a Champion

Ever heard of a human being hatching from a shell? Well I did.

Turkey Talk: Turkey Hunting Beginnings

In this video, I describe my humble turkey hunting beginnings. Like most people, my father [...]

World Championship Turkey Calling Contest

The World Championship Turkey Calling Contest was held in Mobile, AL March 10th and 11th. [...]

Preston Pittman at the 2012 World Turkey Calling Expo

Preston Pittman will be at the 2012 World Turkey Calling Expo in Biloxi, MS March [...]

February 24-26 Mack’s Prairie Wings Arkansas State Calling Contest and Expo

Mack’s Prairie Wings and the Arkansas State Chapter of the NWTF present The Mossy Oak [...]

February 9-12 The 36th Annual NWTF Convention & Sport Show

Preston will be at the NWTF Convention and Sport Show February 9-12 in Nashville, TN [...]