World Championship Turkey Calling Contest

The World Championship Turkey Calling Contest was held in Mobile, AL March 10th and 11th. Thank you to Weatherby for sponsoring and donating the guns as a prize.

Check out the list of winners below:

Preston Pittman and Sadler McGraw

Preston Pittman and Sadler McGraw

Owl Hooting:

  1. Sadler McGraw
  2. Jeremy Palmer
  3. Kaleb Payton


  1. Scott Wilhelm
  2. Scott Berry
  3. Jesse Martin


  1. Bobby Woods
  2. Tanner Norris
  3. Robbyn Day
  4. Vaughn Mayle
  5. Steve Morgenstern
Amateur Winners

Amateur winners: (left to right) Anna Leigh McGraw (2nd place), Emily Oliver (1st place), and Mikayla Nixon (3rd place).


  1. Sadler McGraw
  2. Wayne Dozier
  3. Shane Hendershot
  4. Billy Yargus
  5. Jesse Martin


  1. Emily Oliver
  2. Anna Leigh McGraw
  3. Mikayla Nixon


Junior division winners: (left to right) Emily Oliver (2nd place), Preston Pittman, Hunter Wallis (1st place), Brock Looney (3rd place)


  1. Hunter Wallis
  2. Emily Oliver
  3. Brock Looney

Thank you to all those who participated and thank you again to Weatherby for sponsoring the contest.


February 9-12 The 36th Annual NWTF Convention & Sport Show

Preston will be at the NWTF Convention and Sport Show February 9-12 in Nashville, TN at the Gaylord Opryland Resort and Convention Center. Preston will be at the booth signing autographs. This convention is open to the public.

Preston will also be hosting a seminar on Saturday February 11 from 3:30-4:30 called: “Ask a little, Get a lot,” in Bayou C.

For more information on the show and the NWTF please visit their website: