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Buy a Preston’s Insanity box call, and get the Vengeance Diaphragm and Preston’s Thunder for FREE!

Preston’s Insanity
This double-sided box call will do it all. Yelps, cuts, cackles, clucks, gobbles, whatever. Sure to become a must-have call for the serious hunter or collector. Made from Birdseye Maple and Walnut, it has its own unique sound. This box is sure to drive even the wariest of birds insane.

Vengeance Diaphragm Call
Huff or standard blow type call with three reeds. Call soft or loud calls. User friendly.

Preston’s Thunder
Ultra-thin specialty rubber with a different sound. Its unique tongue cut creates that “highball rasp.” Close- to long-range turkey caller.

Preston's Insanity

Vengeance Diaphragm Call

Preston's Thunder

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