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Buy a Preston’s Two Face and get Preston’s White Diamond and Vengeance Diaphragm Calls for free!

Preston’s Two Face
Leave it to Preston to … “GET OUT OF THE TRADITIONAL BOX!!!” This “New Breed” of box call is truly unique. With its two completely different types of wood, Maple and Purple Heart, this call is actually 4 calls in 1. One quick change of this box call lid from one end of the chassis to the other, takes a hunter to an entirely new level in turkey hunting. Call options include: Purple Heart over Purple Heart, Purple Heart over Maple, Maple over Maple, or Maple over Purple Heart. Four hen sounds … ONE CALL! Why be nice, when you can be Two Faced?

Preston’s White Diamond
The heritage continues with the three-reed call. Preston’s special ultra-thin rubber makes this one of the best all-around turkey hunting calls. Close- to mid-range.

Vengeance Diaphragm Call
Huff or standard blow type call with three reeds. Call soft or loud calls. User friendly.

Preston's Two Face

Preston's White Diamond

Vengeance Diaphragm Call

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