2019 Holiday Special #1

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Preston's Working Girl

Preston's Pure Heat

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2019 Holiday Special #1

Preston’s Pure Heat

Don’t let the size of this box call fool you. Pure Heat is a small package with a large sound. Not only will it do everything a full-size box call can do, but it is smaller, easier to handle, and fits in a smaller pocket. This caller is also perfect for first-time users, kids and women.

Preston’s Working Girl

Made from the highest grade PA slate with many hours spent on research in the blends of materials that go into the pot. Working Girl will give you the most subtle, mellow, sweet clucks, purrs and yelps that only high-grade slate can reproduce. Working Girl will also come to life when called on for those sharp cuts, cackles and aggressive calling. This is your “Go-To” Pot Call.

Comes with an “All Weather Striker”

Order during the holiday season and receive a FREE cap from Longleaf Camo!