Preston's Flock Trio Pack
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You have chosen three of the most popular cuts in diaphragms. Each of the three has its own unique sound. 

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Buy the Preston's Camo Queen and get the Seek & Destroy for free.

Camo Queen

Featuring Longleaf Camo under the glass, my personal choice of camo to hunt in. This is the first of its type; it has the tone only glass can have. Great for cutting that dense foliage or high humidity. Also has the ability to do the softest of purrs. Step on the stage or woods and have the confidence that you have one of the most versatile turkey calls known to man and birds. Many hours have been spent in developing the right blend of materials to make this turkey caller. This turkey caller MUST be conditioned before use.

Seek and Destroy

You talk about NASTY sounding, this is the caller. The "precision-cut technology" allows for the caller to double as a traditional blowing call or a huff-style call. Pittman Game Calls pulled out all the stops on this one. Nobody has a cut like this one ... NOBODY. They will be trying to figure out how Iím doing it, but it is now time to Seek and Destroy. You want super rasp, you got it here. A "New Breed Caller" with a NASTY sound that will have you destroying all turkeys in sight.

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